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Started on 1st January, 2019, Confab is the first professional linkage developer of business throughout Pakistan. What is Confab? Confab is a platform for companies from any sector of business. If you are a business in any tangible location your business will be promoted through Confab. How do we work? We are a company which has created a ramp for the users to integrate with their own personal belongings from a cell phone to their businesses. It connects them to other users for them to get involved and get access. This is how they will become their direct users. It is all about the relationship between the user who becomes a seller and the user who becomes a buyer. Once this relationship is made the real work starts. We provide all the access to the latest software technologies of the world and what is being used now a days. The inspiration behind Confab is the difficulties that one would face while finding a place nearby. Users would have to find the places from word of mouth or asking pedestrians. This was not easy as the time was consumed and wasted for getting to a simple destination. It was clear that Confab was needed and we came up with the Idea. We are not only providing solutions in our website but we are making an app for the user friendly environment of Confab. Throughout the history of business, people use data to make informed decisions. Today we provide the most actionable mobile app in terms of navigation and reachable destinations. We want to make this data available to as many people as possible.

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